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Qualifications for Membership (Washington Chapter)

Purpose: To encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards and advance the cause of matrimonial law, to the end that the welfare of the family and society be protected.

Areas of Expertise: Divorce, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, parenting and visitation, property valuation and division, spousal maintenance, child support and child relocation.

Qualifications for Membership:
  • Be recognized by the bench and bar in his or her jurisdiction as an expert practitioner in matrimonial law.
  • Admitted to bar 10 years, 75 percent specialization in matrimonial law (with certain exceptions).
  • Must have completed 15 hours of continuing legal education in each of previous five years.
  • Pass oral (state) and written (national) examination on wide-ranging issues pertaining to matrimonial and family law.
  • Application reviewed by a state panel of examiners as well as be passed upon by other matrimonial law practitioners in the state.
  • Aspire to the ethical standards set forth in the "Bounds of Advocacy" as well as state bar rules of professional conduct.
  • Demonstrate involvement in study or improvement of matrimonial law, such as publishing articles or continuing education presentations.

To begin the process of application: Request and complete a national application form by requesting it from the national office in Chicago. You must certify that you have obtained and read “The Bounds of Advocacy” before requesting an application form.

Contact Information:
150 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2040
Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: (312) 263-6477
Fax: (312) 263-7682
Email: office@aaml.org